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Our Super Duper Super Mario Bros. Halloween! Part 3: Costumes

So I'm guessing that you're all probably wondering how I made these fun costumes, right? Well, I'll tell you, but be warned that I won't have a lot to show since my costume was made years ago, Brandon's was mostly stuff found at the thrift store, and I didn't take any pictures of the making of Kessie's. But, for anyone interested, here's what I did:

Princess Daisy Costume:

So, I know it's not exact, but it was the best I could come up with. And yes, this picture of me looks old is.

  1. I bought the shirt from the thrift store. I was looking for something that had short sleeves and was a little "princess"-like. I then took some green and white felt and cut out a big oval and a daisy pattern. Then I used pins to attach it to the shirt. You could sew it as well, or even use hot glue, but if you do, do NOT put it in the dryer after washing.
  2. The skirt was sewn using a simple poodle skirt pattern that can be purchased from any sewing store. The fabric is just a yellow cotton that matches the shirt well so that it all looks like one dress.
  3. The sash is very simple to sew and was made from orange cotton material. It's about 9 inches in width, and then folded over (so that it's 4.5 inches when being worn). I did this so that the bow in back would be big and spread out. It's also about 3 yards in length. 
  4. The gloves came from my mom's stash of kid dress ups. It's a wonder my hands fit them, but I'm sure that it wouldn't be too hard to find gloves at either the thrift store or a costume shop.
  5. I got the crown from a dollar store. It was actually quite a bit bigger, so I cut it smaller to the size I wanted, and then stapled it together. Then I took some felt and a green craft jewel to make the daisy in the middle.
  6. The earings were also made from the same items as the crown flower, but I attached them with hot glue to some old stud earings I didn't care about anymore.
  7. Last, and probably least, I just used a pair of white dressy shoes. I chose flats because I really don't love high heels.
And that's that! Moving on to Luigi:

Yes, this is an old picture too. Peach and Mario's costumes were made the same way too, in case you are wondering.
  1.  The overalls were purchased at a thrift store. Unfortunately, guys overalls must be in extremely low supply, because these poor guys were unable to find them in men's sizes. So yes, they are wearing girl overalls, and if you choose to do things this way, you too will most likely have to wear girl overalls. Sorry.
  2. The shirt was also bought at a thrift store. Ideally, it should actually be long sleeves, but I didn't even realize this until actually looking at a picture of Luigi later. So if short sleeves is all you can find, it will do.
  3. The gloves were purchased at Walmart during the winter season, which was nice and kept his hands warm. We lost the gloves though and later had to use white, leathery gardening gloves instead.
  4. The hat was another thrift store item (although I would suggest thoroughly washing it before wearing it). We cut out a white circle, and a green L, and hot glued them onto the hat.
  5. The mustache was simply cut out from black felt and stuck on with double sided tape.
And you're done! Woot!

And now, for the best costume, little Toadette:

  1.  We'll start with the hat. So, what I did was I took a shower cap, laid it out flat, and measured how big the circle was. From that, I cut out a circle on my fabric (pink cotton). After that, I did a basting stitch around the outside or the circle and pulled on the thread to gather it. Then I took a baby cap and attached the gathered circle to it, making sure to do this inside out so I wouldn't have any raw edges showing. Of course, you'll have to make sure to leave an opening someone so you can turn it back to the right side, so don't forget! Once it's back to the right side out, fill it with some stuffing (not too much though or else it won't fit right on your little one's head). After that, hand stitch the opening closed. Cut out 5, 3.5 inch circles from white felt and hot glue them to the hat. I also added a strap made from leftover material from the hat so the hat could stay on better. I just made two strips with velcro so that it would be comfortable putting on and taking off.
  2. I actually made two different kinds of braids. My first idea that I did for the local convention was to use yarn. It was simple, and I just decided what length I wanted the braids and wrapped it around and around, then sectioned it all off into three parts (plus a small top to attach it to the hat) and tied the sections off with more yarn.
  3. The second kind of braids I made were much better looking. I made two "tubes" out of the same fabric used for the hat and placed three foam balls inside. Then I tied some thread to section them off. After that, I hot glued some five white felt circles to the end of the braids. Then I simple sewed the braids onto the hat. I sewed them on a little more towards the back so that they wouldn't get in baby girl's way.
  4. The shoes were made from a baby booties pattern I got from my sewing class a few years ago. I just used brown knit fabric for those.
  5. For the dress and the vest, I used this pattern: 
Pattern B is what I used. After the dress was done, I added some very thin, white rick-rack to the bottom of it.
The vest was made with the same pattern, but I shortened the length. Then I added thick, yellow rick-rack around the outside.

And there ya have it! A whole family of Mario characters!

 The mystery box we made held all the candy we passed out.

 Not the best picture, but here's the whole creation all together!

Princess Daisy Picture:
Luigi Picture:
Toadette Picture:

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  1. I love it! You are so creative Melissa! I wish I could sew... Maybe someday. :) and I love the new header you made for your blog! Can you help me with my header? Let's have a blog party when we see each other next week!