Sunday, March 28, 2010

Princess Tutu- Memories

Video of the Week is MY very own Princess Tutu music video I made! :D So happy with how it turned out!

*WARNING* This is most definitely a bit of a spoiler video, meaning it gives away some of the plot in this awesome show. So, watch if you don't mind finding out some stuff, and don't if you want to keep the mystery a mystery until you actually watch the show. :)

The video starts basically where the series ended. Fakir has tried many times to write a story about Duck so she can become a girl and they can be together again, but with no success.
One day, as Duck is swimming in the lake, waiting for Fakir to visit her, she is attacked by a vicious animal. Fakir arrives in time to drive the beast away, but Duck is too badly injured and dies in his arms.T_T Fakir is devestated and blames himself for Duck dying since he wasn't able to write a story about her sooner.
Fakir is visiting Duck's grave one night (I know it says Drosselmyer, just pretend it says Duck or something). He reflects on what happened that day, and with new determination, sits down to write a story to bring Duck back. As he writes, he recalls all of his memories with Duck.
Meanwhile, Duck awakes as Princess Tutu inside another story (kind of like being reincarnated, I guess). She searhces around for a way to escape, but finds none. Tutu wonders if Fakir is all right, and misses him terribly. She thinks about her memories of him as she dances.
Suddenly, Fakir senses Tutu's thoughts and feelings, as does Tutu. The two draw strength and hope from each other. As Fakir writes, he recalls the time that Duck showed him the mime for "I love you." Fakir proclaims his love for Duck. She hears him and is lead out of the story and falls safely into Fakir's arms. The two are reunited and live happily ever after. ^_^

So that's my vid! Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions as long as they are both clean and constructive. Thanks for watching!

Song: Memories
Artist: Within Temptation
Anime: Princess Tutu

I'm not the creator of Princess Tutu, nor am I in any way associated with Within Temptation (although both are AWESOME!), but I did buy and song, and the DVDs, so I would expect that I have enough ownership and rights to at least make this thing and post it for others to enjoy. :)