Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This Thing Seems Like it is Always in Dire Need of Updating...

Not like I write a whole lot of important things in here though. It's more like an online journal, no? ;) The only way I'm even on here actually is because I'm waiting for things to upload so I can start on a Christmas video for my friend. Aaaww, how sweet, I know, lol! ;) I'll post it on here when it's finished and she's received it.
So, I've been sewing a lot, which is good. But I've decided I'm no longer going to take special orders. They are a pain! :P No offense to the special order I've been working on, but it has been pretty difficult. And frustrating. And that makes it not so much fun unfortunately, and much more stressful. Maybe I can do small special orders, but never again will I do anything beyond a size XL.
Christmas is fast approaching! Can you believe it?! The play is already finished! We performed it last weekend! Everyone did so well, it was definitely a success! :) I enjoyed doing that show so much it feels weird not to be thinking about it all the time now. There is a second half to the show though about the Savior's resurrection, and I'm wondering if I'll be asked to put together another show for Easter...we'll see. :)
So I have almost all our Christmas cards out too! Saweeeet! :D I feel though, like I'm forgetting something important that I'm supposed to do today, but I'm pretty sure I'm not...I hate that feeling!
Right now I'm uploading Reboot. Such a good show. I should write a review for that one. It's awesome. And speaking of my reviews, I just realized that I never did a review of Princess Tutu! At least, I don't remember doing one...hmmm, I'll have to check on that...
I've also been looking for some video editing software. This is soooo difficult for me! Because since I'm buying it, I don't want to get something that I will say "Gosh, this doesn't have all the features I wish it had," or "This is too hard for me to learn how to use!" but I also don't want to pay a fortune for it either...If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great! :)