Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inuyasha and Kagome: Already Over

Bah, I've been so busy! This whole blog is going to turn into a Video of the Week blog if I don't get to writing other things on here! :P
Anywayz, this week's video is called Inuyasha and Kagome: Already Over by LveXHrtbrkMisc. Awesome vid!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Something I've Become

Here it be again! :D
This week's vid is called Something I've Become by Maelanna starring Frodo, and some of Sam, from Lord of the Rings. It's a really great video, I'm impressed! :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Inuyasha Songs

I've just spent some time listening to Inuyasha songs on the computer while I write up a few things. Gee, I love this music. It's so pretty, epic, calming, etc. Whoever made the music did a really, really good job of capturing so many amazing emotions, moments, characters, etc. Music is definitely a part of making a really great show or movie. I decided to put a couple of the songs on this post, just so you can listen to my favorites. These two are awesome, although my favorite is Dearest. You can listen to it and more on my music player- it's on the right hand side, if you haven't noticed in yet, haha! :)But seriously, all in all, Inuyasha music is one of my favorite things to listen to right now. It's just awesome! :D

Things Helga Will Never Say

Holy Moley, it's already the start of a new week! :P I was hoping to get my Halloween pics up here before the next Video of the Week post, but oh well.
This week's video is called Things Helga Will Never Say, starring Helga G. Patacki and Arnold from Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold! Such a funny show! I forgot how great it was! Enjoy!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Inuyasha- When You're Gone

This week's featured video is called Inuyasha- When You're Gone by SavvymacDavvy starring Inuyasha and Kagome. :) Totally love this couple...and totally love this video! Have fun!