Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conned By a Two-Year-Old

So, I take care of this cute little boy 2-3 times every week. For safety purposes we'll just call him "little boy" from here on out. He's a very cute kid and I love getting to take care of him and we have lots of fun together. Well, about the 2nd week (about a month ago), I couldn't remember how old he was, but I didn't want to seem silly, having to ask his parents what age he was. Well, I then got this brilliant idea. Why not ask Little Boy how old he was? Perfect! So I asked him, "Little Boy, how old are you?" and he said, "I'm four!" and held up four fingers. Great! Now I didn't have to feel silly asking his parents and I was able to find out how old he was! I thought I was so clever! Plus, I supposed that this would make sense since they had mentioned that they wanted to put him in preschool soon, and my own 4-year-old niece had just started preschool.

So, weeks went by, and one day we were visiting his aunt, who happens to be my friend, and her little boy. While we were talking, I thought I heard my friend mention something about Little Boy being 2 years old. I was a little confused by this, but, again, not wanting to be silly, I didn't mention it. So when we got home, I asked Little Boy again how old he was. "I'm four!" he said, and held up four fingers. "Hmmm..." I thought. "I must have just heard my friend wrong."

The next week, I needed to stop by the post office, so Little Boy and I went on a little outing together to run some errands. When we got to the post office, I happened to see a friend of mine from church. She asked who Little Boy was and asked him if he was two. I replied to her that he was actually four. She seemed a bit surprised, and as we said good-bye and Little Boy and I were standing in line, I looked down at Little Boy and wondered, "You know, if I were anyone else, I would say he was two also." That's when I began to get very suspicious.

So, my friend came over to visit later that same day, and, again, not wanting to seem stupid, I tactfully asked her without actually asking her how old Little Boy was. "His birthday was in March, so when his mom has the baby, he'll be almost three," she said.

I couldn't believe it. I had been tricked by a two-year-old! How could I have been so stupid????? All those times that my friends in elementary school had told me I was very gullible were suddenly coming back to me...

I seriously don't know what's wrong with me. I wondered sometimes if he really was four, but I figured he could tell me his real age, so I believed him! The other thing too was that he is taller and talks a little more than my nephew who is also two, so I thought maybe he had just barely turned four!

But I feel so silly...and the ironic thing is that I really wouldn't have felt so silly if I wouldn't have been so afraid of being silly in the first place! I feel even sillier now than how I would have at the start!

Oh well. I suppose this does make a good story, and a good lesson to never be afraid of feeling silly. :P

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