Friday, February 15, 2013

A Budding Personality

So here's the story:
Kessie loves to take the DVDs off the shelves. She does this just about 20 million times every day. I didn't mind before because realistically, she isn't going to stop. But a couple weeks ago I decided, "nah, I should really try to keep her from doing that." So I started to tell her "uh-uh" every time he started it and proceed to put them all back, trying to make it a fun game. She still wanted them out, so I diverted her attention elsewhere and put them all back. Later, while in the kitchen, I hear her pulling them out again. So I went in, got her to play with something else, and put them back. A little while later, she's in them again. So I come around the corner and say, "Uh-uh. Leave them there." And she gives the biggest, exasperated "uuuuuhhhhh!" I've ever heard from her, clearly stating something along the whiny lines of, "But why? I want to!" I gave up after that, and later found the biggest mess of DVDs she's made yet. She has quite the blossoming personality (aka dramatic attitude). No idea where she gets it from... ;)

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