Thursday, January 31, 2013

Princess Tutu

Ah, Princess Tutu. My favorite anime. Seriously, my most favorite. Anime. Ever. :)

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This anime is about a duck named Duck (Ahiru in Japanese) who sees a handsome prince dancing by her lake, and falls in love with him. The prince's eyes are always sad, however, so Duck wishes to help him. Suddenly, an old man appears and gives her a magical pendant to transform herself into a girl, and then into a magical ballerina named Princess Tutu. She discovers that the prince is actually from a story that the old man wrote called "The Prince and the Raven." In this story, the prince shattered his own heart to seal away the Raven. Since then, stories and reality have intertwined and it's up to Princess Tutu to restore the pieces of the prince's heart.

  • Age Appropriateness: Preteens +
  • Content Rating: Although the name and look may suggest otherwise, I would recommend this one for about age 11 and up, due to the complicated plot. I just think smaller children would get confused in it. Swearing is very mild and very minimal. There are also a couple times too where a character is naked, but nothing is explicit and it is not sexual. It is either being used to convey feelings and ideas (such as despair or being one with nature), or because it is realistic (such as when the bird form of Duck transforms into a girl. Of course she wouldn't be wearing anything. Ducks don't.) Princess Kraehe, the main antagonist, is dressed quite immodestly as well. 
  • Dub vs. Sub: I would suggest watching this with the English dub (because Lucy Christian is awesome!) but the Japanese with subtitles is a wonderful way to watch it as well. You really can't go wrong either way. 
  • Overall Rating: I would give Princess Tutu a 5/5. I watched this anime for the first time a few years ago, and it is still my absolute favorite. I will warn, however, that the show may be difficult to get into at first, mostly because it may seem repetitive and goofy, but please keep watching . Give it until at least after episode 6 or 7 when Princess Kraehe appears. That's when it gets really good! This anime has so many twists and turns and actually has more to it than it appears. The classical music is beautiful and the numerous ballet references to other ballets is genius. 
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