Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mending Severed Bonds

Wow, it sure has been a while! Christmas craziness and fun has kept me from updating things here, but I'm back now and *hopefully* ready to keep the blog updated regularly. :)
This week's video is Mending Severed Bonds by LovingHeartbreak, starring Jim from Treasure Planet and Thumbelina from Thumbelina, as well as other animated characters. I just love these crossover videos, and LovingHeartbreak does such a gorgeous job! Seriously, it all looks like one movie!
Since there is an actual storyline with this one, I'll post the editor's description at the bottom. Enjoy!

(You will have to imagine Jim and Thumbelina being in their late teens to early 20s in order to get through this video. Also, Thumbelina is human size in this ^_^)
Jim works as a space cadet and so he travels alot. One night, however, he returns home early as a surprise, but he finds his wife in the arms of another man (Tulio). They argue and their marriage goes sour for a while with Jim hardly ever talking, or looking, at Thumbelina. Thumbelina feels the shame, but she tries her best to make it up to him. This goes on for months, until a sudden move to France causes the couple to swallow their pride and rekindle their marriage. Only this time, fate has something else in mind for the young couple...

This plot was inspired by "The Painted Veil", the only major difference here is that Thumbelina doesn't resent her marriage, she actually loves Jim. Her affair was a cry for the physical love and attention that Jim wasn't able to deliver while he was away. As for the child, Jim is the father, not Tulio :)

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