Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Canning, Story Writing, Videos, and Headbands

Yesterday I went to an older lady's house from my church ward with a friend and we canned peaches. I've never really done a whole lot of canning before (I did apples one time- it took forever!) but peaches went by pretty quick and it was fun! She's a really cute lady and it was nice to learn something new and useful. :)

We also had lunch over there too. She had made some homemade bread and it was sooooooooo good! We had homemade peach jam on our bread or homemade raspberry, or mayo and tomato with salt and pepper (I tried all 3!) I thought the tomato was kinds weird, but I tried it anyhow and I was sooooo glad that I did! It was delicious! :)

This picture is seriously what the tomato looked like! It was huge!

So, something I forgot to mention before that I'm doing is I'm writing a story. It's a fantasy-type story, and I would put what it's about, but it's kinda complicated, so maybe when I get the story really put together I'll be able to give some more details about it. But it's going to be awesome! I'm so excited that I have the time now to finish it. I've had this idea for about a year now, and I started it, and then had to stop due to absolutely no time to do it. :( But now I can, so yay! :D

I thought this cartoon was cute (love Calvin and Hobbs!) and also very true at times.

The other day I was messing around with my video editing stuff, and ended up making a video about me! I think it turned out good and it was fun to make. Enjoy if you'd like to!

Something else I've been doing is making headbands (I don't have pics at the moment- I'll get them up soon). They are really cute and fun to make! I think I'll try selling them on etsy.com. Hopefully that will help with my ballet class fund. Speaking of which, I had my fist lesson yesterday and my friends Diana and Tony are both in my class! I was so surprised and delighted! It was a blast having them in there! We had a great time, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the time we get to spend in the class together. :)

We're going to finally have our Housewarming Party this weekend. I'm excited but for some reason a little nervous. I don't know how to host parties, so I'm hoping it will just go it's own way smoothly, haha!

Well, Brandon has some people from his work in town, and we might have one of them, along with his wife, over to our house for dinner tonight, so I need to get to cleaning the house and figuring out what to serve! :) Bye!

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